5 Ways We Work to Earn Your Trust. Bubbles say: Factual accuracy and impartial reporting, Independent, High Standards, Track Record, Member of the Trust Project
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Our readers have shared a lot of reasons for supporting inewsource this past year, but some words about our work show up again and again. Words like local, important and truthful.

Local journalism is critical to making informed decisions concerning local issues and deserves citizen support.”

“I believe what you all do is very important.” 

“I believe truthful, fair reporting in accordance with rigorous journalistic standards is of paramount importance in a democracy.”

Please consider standing alongside these readers by renewing your support or giving an additional gift today to help inewsource keep digging. It’s essential work for a healthy San Diego, and especially now. 

In a time of ever-increasing information (and misinformation), a recent study found more people are finding it harder than ever to sort out facts and be well-informed. 

Here are five ways we work to earn your trust:

  • Dedicated to factual accuracy and impartial reporting: inewsource prides itself on thorough research and independent fact-checking, ensuring its reporting is based on reliable and trustworthy sources.
  • Independent: as a nonprofit newsroom, inewsource is not beholden to special interests.
  • High standards: inewsource follows strict ethical guidelines to maintain the highest standards of accountability in our reporting.
  • Track record: inewsource has a history of making positive change for communities, from holding public officials accountable to exposing corruption and wrongdoing.
  • Member of The Trust Project: inewsource is the only media in the San Diego region participating in The Trust Project, a global network of newsrooms working to help the public assess credible journalism. 

Without these, would inewsource be a public good? Would our local journalism be important? Would it be truthful? In a time of increasing public uncertainty, thank you to our growing community of supporters who power our change-making reporting for San Diego.

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