Mello-Roos: The Property Tax You Choose

Mello-Roos is a tax named after two California legislators who found a way around the landmark, tax-limiting Proposition 13 to generate money for basic needs in new neighborhoods, especially schools.

Landowners, most often developers, created districts that could issue debt and collect taxes. For a lot of reasons, the tax amounts vary wildly from district to district and even house to house.

How much do you pay in Mello-Roos? Find out here.



City of S.D. says checking Mello-Roos tax bills too costly

The city of San Diego’s audit committee has decided it would be too much work and too costly to reconcile the tax bills for people who pay special assessments called Mello-Roos. Instead, the committee recommends notifying people of potential errors in their bills. Mello-Roos taxes are special assessments added to property taxes in new developments. An audit, prompted by an ... Read More »