By the KPBS/inewsource Investigations Desk

For the first time, the United States government has confirmed it is owed millions of dollars by San Diego Hospice.

In court documents filed today, the U.S. Attorney, on behalf of Medicare, joined a motion to appoint a trustee, a third party, to take over the remaining assets of San Diego Hospice.

The government also declared intent to file a claim against the hospice for what could be $50 million.

“As the Committee notes, Debtor itself has estimated its liability to the United States at $50 million,” the documents state.

Medicare will also “hold the single largest unsecured claim in this case by a substantial factor,” according to court documents.

A hearing to decide whether a trustee will be appointed is scheduled for March 27.

Joanne Faryon is a freelance reporter and former inewsource and KPBS reporter.

One reply on “Medicare stakes claim in San Diego Hospice bankruptcy case”

  1. And us baby-boomers coming to age 65 and retirement are horrified that crap like this could ever take place to the tune of $50 million…this is money that will never be recouped in our lifetimes and comes straight out of our pockets…50 mil less for the honest people who worked hard for it, earned it through blood, sweat and tears and who will never see a stinking dime of it…thanks for another gaffe of epic proportions…San Diego Hospice and the US regulatory agencies responsible for oversight should be ASHAMED…typicl government nonsense. Pay it out now, worry about it later if it’s not legal…

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