Dear friends of inewsource,

Tuesday night was the San Diego Press Club’s 40th annual “Excellence in Journalism Awards” — and inewsource came away a big winner.

We won 12 awards in total, including a “Best in Show” for radio, seven first-place spots and a category sweep for investigative reporting.

We’ve put together a list below of the winners. Give ’em a read!

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“What’s a Port Worth, Anyway?”
First Place — Integrated Media: Business & Financial

Using the power of interactive visualizations, video, photos and interviews, inewsource created a page devoted entirely to one of San Diego’s most valuable waterfront properties — the Port of San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Marine Terminal.                                                                               Read the story


“Deadly Patrols”
First Place — Integrated Media: Investigative Reporting

“Castro claims the agent, Abel Canales, beat him, hurled insults at him and then shot him in the side before riding away. He says he waited in the desert for an hour and a half, bleeding through his clothes, thinking about his children and preparing himself for death.”                               —Read the story


“San Diego Media Powerhouse Flexes Political Muscles”
Second Place — Integrated Media: Investigative Reporting

“Two businessmen determined to build a football stadium on San Diego’s Tenth Avenue Terminal have taken over the county’s largest newspapers and are positioning themselves politically to push their development plans forward.”                                                                                             —Read the story


“Security Breach”
First Place — Integrated Media: Public Service/Consumer Advocacy
Third Place — Integrated Media: Investigative Reporting

“Private cops say they’re unprepared to protect the public on trains and trolleys because the company and agencies in charge are doing the job on the cheap.”                                                                                                 —Read the story


“Carl DeMaio: The Future Something”
Second Place — Integrated Media: Political/Government

“DeMaio insisted in an email that he is following the law. Election law experts, however, say he is walking a blurry line.”                   —Read the story


“Lawyers face off in high-stakes judicial election”
Third Place — Integrated Media: Political/Government

“Some of the most high-profile legal names in the county are urging voters to pay attention to the bar. Miller and the Republican Party, though, say not so fast: there is more to the story.”                                                     —Read the story


“Mr. Bock Goes to Washington”
First Place — Integrated Media: Science/Technology

“Larry Bock’s is the story of what happens when an entrepreneur who thinks big and detests rules meets a large and established bureaucracy.”                                                                                     —Read the story


“Serious Questions Raised about Patient Care at San Diego Hospice”
First Place — Radio: Investigative Reporting
Best in Show — Radio

“This is the first indication patient care was an issue for the beleaguered San Diego Hospice, not just money.”                                                    —Read the story


“Hospice under Scrutiny”
First Place — Television: Investigative Reporting: Series
First Place — Television: Specialty Reporting: Series

“Everyone is familiar with the high-profile and politically charged question, “When does life begin?” But as our friends and family members live longer and survive what once were commonly fatal ailments, another question takes center stage. When does end-of-life begin?”                  —Read the story


Support this kind of journalism today!
Support this kind of journalism today!

Brad Racino was the assistant editor and senior investigative reporter at inewsource. He's a big fan of transparency, whistleblowers and government agencies forgetting to redact key information from FOIA requests. Brad received his master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in...

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