Red and blue blobs
Two voting precincts encompass nearly all the residential areas of Barrio Logan (outlined in black). The precinct outlined in red contains most residential areas. The precinct outlined in blue contains nearly all the remainder.

Red and blue blobs

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The data confirmed what many assumed: Barrio Logan wanted one thing for its community, but the voters of the rest of the city said, “No way.”

inewsource brought some perspective and clarity to the votes on Propositions B and C this morning by mapping Tuesday’s vote on the community plan for Barrio Logan, a low-income, mostly Latino neighborhood on San Diego Bay that has long been the center of the ship-building industry.

Our data whiz Joe Yerardi burned the oil way past midnight after getting the voting results from the Registrar last night.


The map speaks for itself: See all the red all over the city? Those were the precincts that voted overwhelming to reject the community’s plan. Those much smaller blue blobs mostly in and around Barrio Logan? Those were the votes to approve a plan for a buffer zone between residential and heavy industrial uses.

The Barrio Logan community plan was the first community plan to come before the entire city for a vote.

That — and the map — are a lot to contemplate.

—Lorie Hearn


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