Cory Briggs appears in court on Thursday, Feb. 26 to argue against releasing a transcript responsive to an inewsource public records act request. Photo by Christopher Maue.

High-profile environmental attorney Cory Briggs argued vigorously in court Thursday morning against releasing a document the San Diego City Attorney’s office believes is relevant to a conflict-of-interest investigation of Briggs.

Appearing before San Diego Superior Court Judge Joel Wohlfeil, Briggs called the city’s motion to lift the protective order a “contrivance.” The judge postponed a decision on the matter until March 4.

The city attorney’s office filed a motion with Wohlfeil saying the documents are necessary to fulfill a California Public Records Act request. The request came from inewsource, which raised questions in a report earlier this week about Briggs’ wife working for an environmental consulting company that was often on the other side of his lawsuits.
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