What's in the Air explainer: Fine particle pollution

Fine particle pollution, especially the kind known as PM2.5, can pose a serious health risk to members of a community that have to breathe it. PM2.5 can even lead to asthma, heart attacks and irregular heart beats.

Nancy Kirk and Camelle Sison, students in SDSU’s sensor journalism class, explain where this and other kinds fine particle pollution come from and how this kind of pollution can affect anyone exposed to it. This video was produced by KC Stanfield, Eduardo Garcia, and Jennifer Rocha, also students in the sensor journalism class. This is part of a series of explanatory videos about air quality in San Diego created by “What’s in the Air,” a collaboration between San Diego State University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies, and inewsource, an independent, non-profit news organization.

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  1. Well done future investigators! Thank you for your dedication to inform our community, country and world. Your team has packed vital info in under 3 minutes !!!

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