This map highlights data collected from the SDSU sensor journalism class on air quality (PM 2.5 levels) from four neighborhoods in San Diego (Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Chollas Creek and Bankers Hill) collected in April 2015. Each student identified a location and visited it up to eight times to collect at least an hour of data each time. The locations on the map show the PM2.5 for that area for that hour by sensor. Each student named their sensor accordingly (R2D2, Sensi, Dusty, Baby, Edu, Ntlia, Bot, Glam, Hal1000, and Steve). Click each marker on the map to get details, including location, raw average mass concentration, PM2.5 value, tally of counts made during that observation and duration of observation. For the calculation of the PM2.5 values, please see the Sensor Journalism 101 article for the methodology.

Click here for students’ accounts of where they took their measurements and observations from the field.

Download our data

Click here to download the data collected by “What’s in the Air” students during April 2015. The first tab of the spreadsheet contains the individual observations by the students; the second tab is the overall PM2.5 value for the total observations during that time frame for each sensor.

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