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Hey reader, 

My name is Crystal Niebla, infrastructure and government accountability reporter at inewsource, and I want to keep my prescription-assisted eyes on infrastructure problems for you in the San Diego region. Roads and sidewalks, bike lanes and parks, public transportation and buildings, those scary roundabouts, you name it.

We (I, especially) want to team up with you to figure out what quality-of-life issues you think we should be looking into. To get started, we are happy to announce a revamp of “Fix This,” a community reporting project from inewsource

Do you have a construction project in your neighborhood that never seems to end? Have you submitted multiple maintenance requests to that one city app – *cough* Get It Done *cough* – that still haven’t been fulfilled? 

We want to hear from you. 

In this relaunch, we wanted to make it easier for San Diegans to navigate our Fix This webpage, so we made some improvements. You’ll find a simplified submission box, an updated list of resources to report infrastructure issues across San Diego County, curated infrastructure stories from inewsource — and a fresh look. 

And if you want to skip the form, you may email us directly at fixthis@inewsource.org. Either way, we’ll hear from you, and you’ll hear from us.

“What happens after I submit something?” you ask.  

I’ll review your tips regularly to determine what to write about. I might write a story immediately or investigate, make some calls and visit the site, and post about it on social media.  

Ultimately, I aim to use Fix This tips to inform my reporting about what matters most to San Diego residents and to find answers to your burning questions about infrastructure issues in the City of San Diego and communities across the county. 

Since I joined inewsource last year, I’ve written about the city’s controversial ballot measure on trash collection, a new tax hike in a popular business district, a burned down playground in a historically neglected city neighborhood and other, sexy cement-related things. I want to keep reporting on these kinds of issues – ones that matter to you.  

Why not see what we can accomplish together?

So, don’t be shy: Visit our webpage (https://inewsource.org/fix-this/), fill out that submission box with an infrastructure issue that’s been irking you, and let’s get to fixin’.

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Crystal Niebla joined inewsource in June 2022 as an investigative reporter focused on infrastructure and government accountability in the San Diego region. Her position is partly funded by Report for America, a national program that supports local journalists. At the Long Beach Post, Niebla served...