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Welcome to the new inewsource site experience! We are so happy to have you. 

In refreshing the website, we wanted to ensure that the updates reflect what readers are looking for out of news in 2023. We decided to alter our coverage areas to fit the current media landscape and the interests of our audiences, setting ourselves apart from other news outlets.

As a team, members of inewsource came together to break down our existing notions of what news coverage areas should be, in favor of something more innovative that connects to the core values of our journalism. Truth be told, it was an arduous process. Through Zoom fatigue, sometimes cyclical brainstorming, and introspective questions about our own unique understandings of modern news, we began to evaluate our content differently – and created the coverage areas we are proud to present today. 

Quite a few ideas landed on the cutting room floor before we started looking at stories by theme. We went back into a year’s worth of content and discussed each individual story to determine the one word that cut to the core intention of the article. We pieced together this system of review one by one, story by story, until all of our content had been cataloged. 

It fostered incredible discussion – is a story about homelessness really about power, or rights, or accessibility? Is a story about corruption really about government, or is it about the people who are affected by institutional misdeeds? In having these conversations amongst ourselves, we developed a lens through which we ask more of our content. We’re digging deeper into the impact our stories can have on our community, and we hope it will inspire you to do the same. 

Traditional news audiences have come to expect stories siloed into education, healthcare, immigration, or crime. But those categories don’t address the feelings that are solicited within the stories they tell. Our new coverage areas uncover and peel back the curtain on the issues – the same issues inewsource has always been dedicated to uncovering — now presented to reflect what our readers care about most. 

Power & Governance 

One of the pillars of our investigative journalism is holding powerful people accountable. With this coverage area, we are spotlighting public decision makers and exposing corruption and mismanagement in the entities that influence the lives of people in San Diego. This coverage area highlights the impact of these executive decisions on our communities. 

Rights & Identity

Issues of rights and identity are increasingly at top of mind in recent years. Stories from this category focus on how individuals’ civil liberties are expanded or limited in relation to identity, politics or hateful acts. The stories that fall under this category are focused on people, and the unique circumstances or challenges they may face as a result of their identities.

Access & Inequality

In San Diego’s wide-ranging communities, having equitable access to services, systems, or any kind of aid is often a privilege rather than a guarantee. These stories uncover and address imbalances that disproportionately affect different members of our community, leading to different realities for those living in the same region.

For Your Information 

Modern news readers want news they can use. This is informative storytelling that inspires you to take action or educate yourself on a topic. With the utility stories that fall under this category, we give you the tools to navigate local matters with more awareness.

Of course, the underlying theme of all our content is accountability. inewsource is known for our watchdog accountability journalism. The stories we tell continue to seek answers to the hard questions and educate the public on the issues that matter most. With our new coverage areas, as part of our website redesign, we’re shifting to a more audience-focused approach. We want our readers to interact with our content, to connect with our content, and to take something meaningful away from every story you read.

These changes aren’t just a reflection of where inewsource is headed – but what we believe to be the evolution of investigative journalism as a whole. Explore the new site and let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to keep growing with you. 

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Ashlyn is a former content manager at inewsource. Her prior experience in newsrooms across California drives her passion for modernizing investigative news content and reaching new audiences. Ashlyn is an Emmy-nominated news producer who grew up bouncing between San Francisco and San Diego and graduated...