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Investor Highlights

“inewsource and its talented team continue to do important investigative journalism on issues that are impactful to our region.  We invest in inewsource because it does vital work, which is required in a Democracy, albeit often misunderstood until facts come to light.”  

Patti Roscoe and Jim Tiffany

“I’m a big fan of inewsource because their stories have impact. They’ve resulted in congressional hearings (more than once), they’ve gotten people’s money back on taxes, they’ve exposed risky research that endangers patients. They dig until they find the truth and they use data to see patterns. I’ve been involved for seven years now, and from the beginning I knew a good thing when I saw it.”

Karen Liu, VP of Quality and Regulatory at a local medical device start-up, 30+ year San Diego resident, currently living in University City for the last 15 years. She’s passionate about wildlife conservation and animal welfare, and is a self-professed news junkie!

“I choose to support inewsource because San Diego, as one of the largest cities in our nation, deserves more investigative news coverage than we receive. We have a few electronic papers, but not enough engage in strong investigative reporting. Unbiased news reporting is essential to inform voters, and informed voters are essential for good government.”

Ken King, San Diego native and retired CFO

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