About the Trina Health investigation

inewsource has spent months investigating a California lawyer and his practices in promoting what he calls a “miraculous” procedure for reversing the complications of diabetes, a condition that affects 30.3 million Americans. Senior healthcare reporter Cheryl Clark began asking questions about the insulin infusion procedure advertised by Trina Health after learning it was being offered in San Diego.

The inewsource mission is accountability journalism, and Clark focused her inquiries on the risk of harm to patients and the cost to the healthcare system.

She talked with scores of people from New York to Miami and from rural Mississippi to Montana — places with Trina Health clinics. She interviewed patients and clinic investors and executives, reviewed patient billing statements, and sought opinions from dozens of researchers and physicians who treat people with diabetes. And she interviewed Trina founder and CEO G. Ford Gilbert at his Sacramento headquarters.

Gilbert was charged with fraud and bribery in Alabama in a federal indictment unsealed on April 2.

This is an ongoing inewsource investigation.

Doctors debunk diabetes treatment as fraud charges hit clinic executive

Ford Gilbert, founder and CEO of Trina Health, is shown in an office at the company’s Sacramento headquarters on Feb. 5, 2018. He is flipping through a PowerPoint presentation he uses to explain to investors the effects of the Trina IV insulin infusion procedure. (Megan Wood/inewsource)

Just imagine: A nonsurgical treatment that helps millions of people with complications from diabetes restore vision, repair damaged kidneys, and reverse heart disease and cognitive decline. A treatment that heals wounds in their legs and feet, repairs damage from stroke, and eliminates a common type of diabetic nerve pain called neuropathy.

That’s what lawyer G. Ford Gilbert and his network of Trina Health clinics have been promising with his IV insulin infusions offered through his Sacramento-based company. The Trina CEO calls the procedure “miraculous,” and the first “real change” in treatment for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes since the 1921 discovery of insulin.

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Just about every Tuesday morning around 7:30, John McCreary of Poway can be found waiting for Dr. James Novak’s office to open. Almost always, McCreary said, he’s the first one there.

Novak’s practice is listed as the only one in the San Diego area offering Trina Health’s “Artificial Pancreas Treatment,” a four-hour IV insulin infusion procedure for people with diabetes. Some people like McCreary, 69, who has wrestled with diabetic nerve pain for years, said they think the procedure is working for them.

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