Hi folks,

It’s me, Shyla Nott inewsource‘s social media and web producer. I also write The Weekender each week. I’m still pretty new to the inewsource staff, and California for that matter. Here’s a bit more about me:

When did you start at inewsource?

I joined the team in April. Before that I worked in public radio as a producer for a live public affairs talk show in Columbus, Ohio. My fiancé and I made the 34-hour drive out to California (it was still snowing in Ohio when we left!).   

How did you first get into journalism?

I’ve always loved listening to other people’s stories, and journalism lends opportunities for complete strangers to open up to you about their lives. But what really cemented my love for journalism were the summers I spent in high school listening to NPR while working on my grandpa’s farm.

What do you like to do when you’re not on social media?

I try to unplug as much as I can on the weekends, so you’ll often find me at the beach. I’ve tried surfing twice since I’ve been here and am completely hooked. I also love pickup basketball, exploring San Diego’s theater scene and hitting up as many taco joints as I can. Send me your recommendations!

If you ever want to reach out with a question or comment about this newsletter, please don’t hesitate to write. I’d love to hear from you.

My email address is shylanott@inewsource.org

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!   

San Diego Republican donor Elliott Broidy investigated by feds, Washington Post reports

A major funder of San Diego County politics is being investigated by the Justice Department for an alleged effort to sell influence with the Trump administration, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

Investigators are looking into whether Elliott Broidy, a longtime Republican fundraiser, has been working on behalf of Chinese and Malaysian officials to curry favor with the federal government, the Post reports.

Broidy attorney Chris Clark said in a statement: “Elliott Broidy has never agreed to work for, been retained by nor been compensated by any foreign government for any interaction with the United States Government, ever. Any implication to the contrary is a lie.”

Continue reading…

Search California’s ACT and AP test scores

Last year’s high school test results for California are in. Here’s how San Diego County fared:


More than 65 percent of San Diego County high school seniors who took the ACT exam last year scored at or above the national average. The county’s overall score was 7.5 percentage points higher than the state’s.


Nearly 63 percent of all Advanced Placement tests taken by high school students in 2017 were passed, allowing them to earn college credits early. That’s almost 7 percentage points higher than the state average.

Top performers in San Diego County

The latest scores show high school seniors in the San Dieguito, Poway and Carlsbad school districts performed the highest on the ACT. They also had the highest AP pass rates in the county.

Search ACT scores in California

Search AP scores in California

Parks and rec

As journalists, we often focus on what government is doing wrong. Last week in our ongoing video series, The Weekly Ask, we wanted to know what readers think San Diego is doing right.

Several of you highlighted our public parks. So we sent senior reporter Brad Racino out to take photos of a few of them.

What’s your favorite park in San Diego County? Take a photo and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WayToGoParks.

Here’s the next question in The Weekly Ask series:

Is there one local government agency you want to know more about? For example: What in the heck does the 22nd District Agricultural Association do?

Email me here, or leave a comment on Facebook, and we’ll work on getting the answers.

Watch the next video in the series (and leave a comment!)

Save the date!

Our next Spotlight Club event is coming up on Sunday, October 7.

Members will enjoy a night featuring the stars of the political thriller, Dark Money. Join Sheila Krumholz, Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, D.C., and reporter John S. Adams for a discussion on the dark money phenomenon: secret, unlimited campaign contributions meant to influence elections.

This event is exclusive to Spotlight Club members. Not a member yet? Click here to learn how to join.

A night at the Republican Party’s Central Committee meeting

Reporters Jill Castellano and Brad Racino stopped by the Republican Party of San Diego County’s central committee meeting this week. Gubernatorial candidate John Cox made a surprise appearance. Here are a couple of photos from the meeting:

(Brad Racino/inewsource)

(Brad Racino/inewsource)
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Shyla Nott was the digital content manager at inewsource. While at her role, she ran the website, social media accounts, and curated The Weekender newsletter. She came to inewsource by way of the Midwest where she was the producer for All Sides with Ann Fisher, a daily live public-affairs talk show at...