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  1. Check out this need to follow the money here. No special interests. Just a guy with some good ideas

    YouTube video
  2. Hi, there. I’m glad you like the project. We’re updating this site every day so check in with us whenever you feel like getting an update. We hope to provide our readers with additional reporting and analysis throughout the campaign. If you’ve got any suggestions for topics, feel free to contact me at the email address or phone number in the post.

    -Joe Yerardi

  3. I like that this is being published, and cool graphics. However, I think the bubble chart would be improved if the scale was maintained across candidates. As it stands, Alvarez’s San Diego bubble ($7,000) is the same size as Faulconer’s SD bubble ($144,000), for example.

  4. Hi, there. It’s good to hear that you’re a fan of what we’re doing here. The purpose of the bubble chart is two-fold. First, when the candidate check boxes are all selected, we want the chart to give readers a sense of where all the $1,000+ donors in the mayor’s race are from. Second, when only one or two of the candidate check boxes are selected, we want to the chart to give readers a sense of where a specific candidate(s) $1,000+ donors are coming from. We felt the best way to show this information was to have the size of the bubbles be relative to the amount each selected candidate(s) has or have raised in total. You can still determine the precise amount each candidate has raised from a particular city by selecting the check box next to that candidate and hovering your mouse cursor over the bubble for the city you’re interested in.

    -Joe Yerardi

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