About Us

inewsource is an independent nonprofit dedicated to satisfying a need for credible, in-depth, data-driven journalism. We shine a light on government actions, account for public spending and prompt intelligent discussions that lead to informed decisions.

Our unique strength lies in the intersection of journalism and technology. This means inewsource distinguishes itself by data-driven reports and a Data Center, which opens the workings of government to people in new ways.

Teaching, training and mentoring at San Diego State University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies, where inewsource is based, is a dual priority. This underscores our commitment to the next generation of journalists.

inewsource is collaborative, not competitive. As a result, our relationships with local and national media enable a powerful distribution network for its reports. Our primary partner is KPBS, public media in San Diego. Together, we have forged an Investigations Desk, which serves a broad audience with deep reporting through television, radio, print and the Web.

Collaborating with other nonprofit investigative centers makes it possible to explore common problems across the country and bring necessary attention to them.

inewsource’s business model anticipates multiple revenue streams, including an endowment to ensure long-term sustainability. It also relies on paid media partnerships, foundation grants, philanthropy, individual donations and sale of services.

inewsource, formerly the Watchdog Institute, was founded in the fall of 2009, in response to downsizing in newsrooms across the country and to an increasing void in thorough, labor-intensive journalism. The IRS granted 501c3 status in September 2010.

Click here to see our IRS notification letter and notice of our name change.

We will post our form 990s on this Web site each year after they are filed with the IRS. Click below for our tax filings.

2015 Form 990

2014 Form 990 (due to a change in the fiscal year, this report is for inewsource‘s first six months of 2014)

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